Help our youth

Johann Kikillus Kommetjie, Director of Soteria Ministries

Happy New Year to all people of the far south.

Firstly, I would like to thank Mayor Dan Plato, who within two days of meeting with him in December, sent out a team to access what needed to be completed at the Ocean View Care Centre. We appreciate the speedy response to our need and are most grateful.

As 2019 begins, we are already in the full swing of things which means dealing with the mess that occurred during the festive season as well as coming up with plans to ensure that more women and children are looked after this year.

Sadly over the past eight years, we have seen an escalation of problems among our youth in the far south. These problems have translated into abuse, drug abuse, criminal activity, gangsterism, school dropouts, unwanted babies and, tragically, we have seen dozens of senseless murders.

This has left us with a youth that are traumatised, disillusioned and full of hopelessness and despair. I have written in the past that the current system put in place by government unfortunately does not prevent the most vulnerable from falling through the cracks. It is therefore necessary that a new plan is formulated.

We need to start honest dialogues about what needs to be done to save our youth. I am proposing that in one months time, a workshop is held to discuss plans on how to address youth issues that are unique to the far south.

All persons and organisations who are already actively working among the youth are encouraged to come along and put forward ideas. The focus must be on prevention and restoration.

If you are interested in presenting your ideas, please email me on