MyCiTi launches travelling app and new website

The MyCiTi bus service has launched a free mobile app and new website. 

The app and website will provide live updates and notifications relating to timetables, routes, or news alerts to customers while they are travelling.

Commuters will also have access to a help interface via the new app where queries or notices can be sent to the Transport Information Centre directly.

Mayoral committee member for transport, Felicity Purchase, said: “Over the years the need for real time information has proved to be one of the top priorities for the MyCiTi commuters. Being able to manage their time by tailoring their route and schedules, and finding the buses best suited to their needs is empowering and satisfying.”

Passengers can also track their bus using the app.

Ms Purchase said: “Our latest MyCiTi annual passenger survey found that 90% of our passengers own a smartphone and more than 80% are happy to receive information about MyCiTi digitally. Our aim with the new app and website has always been to respond to these needs by creating a quick and efficient way to interact with our customers while they are travelling.”

The MyCiTi app can be downloaded free on Apple (iOS) and Android (Google Play) app stores. Visit to access the new website.