Pixie on the beat

This car is called Pixie and it is the brand-new law enforcement vehicle purchased from ward allocations in the Far South. Ward councillor Aimee Kuhl said the law enforcement auxiliaries service (LEAS), made up of ordinary citizens who are going the extra mile to keep the communities safe, had gone through the City of Cape Town’s law enforcement training and now patrolled the streets. And they do not get paid to do so. Ms Kuhl said the City was grateful for the important work the volunteers did and that the car was named for the pixie dust they needed to help crime-busting in the valley. “I personally have gone on night patrol with our LEAS team and witnessed how challenging fighting crime in the valley is. Irrespective of the lack of manpower and resources everyone displays a huge amount of dedication to the task. So it only seems fitting that they deserve a bit of pixie dust with four wheels to help them do their job,” she said.