Police host youth soccer match

In a festive break from the tedium of their lives, children from Redhill were involved in a community soccer match this past weekend.

Tabby Quelch, trauma counsellor with the Victim Empowerment Programme which operates from the police station in Simon’s Town, along with Constable Nontobeko Sithole-Mzulwini from Si-
mon’s Town police, identified some needs among the Redhill youth and decided to host the soccer tournament.

The event was held on Saturday December 10, at Simon’s Town High School from 10am until 2pm.

Two soccer teams from Masiphumelele and two soccer teams from Redhill were identified by coaches and community leaders, and police transported them to the event – along with a number of supporters.

Constable Sithole-Mzulwini and Tabby Quelch are dedicated to engaging with the community of Redhill and encouraging the youth to participate in other activities and sports, helping them to avoid falling into the trap of substance abuse.

“We want the youth to see that there are so many more options available to them and by working with them and involving them in future events, we feel that we can help the children achieve the potential that each one of them has inside them,” said Ms Quelch.

The soccer tournament was an outstanding success, with roughly 100 children coming out to play and have fun.

“The most amazing thing though was the incredible support we received from local businesses,” she said.

Cape Medical Response sponsored an events vehicle, Cape Town Balloon Company sponsored two jumping castles and local resident Mia Glaum spent the day doing face painting.

Local businesses donated food, medals and the trophy was donated by Paul Dixon, while soccer balls were donated by Great White Surf and Sport.

Referees from the South African Navy gave of their time and Simon’s Town School gave their facilities for the day.

The Cosmos Team from Masiphumelele was the winning team.

Constable Sithole-Mzulwini is the communication officer for Simon’s Town police, and said: “We as SAPS and VEP like to engage with the community and encourage them to participate in sports and move away from negative things such as drugs and crime.”

Constable Sithole-Mzulwini also said: “We are also currently busy establishing a chess club in Redhill area, to encourage the youth to be involved in the community.”

Ms Quench agreed.

“Our first project for 2017, is to set up a chess club in the Redhill community. Soon, we will be collecting chess sets for the youngsters to begin learning on – and the kids seem to be really excited about learning how to play,” she said.

“We would like to take this opportunity though to thank everyone for their support. We are grateful for each and every contribution and we look forward to helping our community for the foreseeable future,” she said.

If you are able to help, email simonstown