Pool matters

The south wall of the pool which remains very slippery and dangerous when wet.

Steve Herbert, Kalk Bay

I refer to the letter, “Dirty dangerous pool” (Echo, January 18) and Eddie Andrews’ response and want to correct some of the information provided.

The pool was cleaned once on December 13 and again on January 17.

The contractor crew was three people armed with a garden broom, a scraper and one scrubbing brush. The “environmentally friendly chemical” mentioned by Mr Andrews appeared to be gravel or beach sand.

Whatever the method it doesn’t work as can be seen in the attached photos taken two days after the January 17 “cleaning”.

The photo is the south wall of the pool and it remains very slippery and dangerous when wet. Other parts of the walls and steps remain equally slippery. Perhaps Mr Andrews would care to walk along it himself barefoot, so he can see for himself just how dangerous it is. Several people have fallen and hurt themselves in the last month.

I am all for the environment and future generations sharing it. Bear in mind that this pool was built in 1906 and has been safely enjoyed by marine life and humans ever since.

There was no consultation with the public on this issue that I know of nor have I seen any scientific evidence that lime wash used to paint the walls has any real impact on marine life in the pool.

I have raised this issue with the council departments many times since the end of November to no avail. This valuable and beautiful amenity for locals and tourists has been seriously compromised.