Senior inspector safeguards beach

Senior inspector Madoda Hlakula

Senior inspector Madoda Hlakula has worked in Fish Hoek for the past 18 years.

His responsibility is to take care of Law Enforcement at the Fish Hoek beachfront, ensuring safety on the beach and organised parking with a his team of eight staff members.

He said taking care of the beachfront is a huge responsibility as you deal with “all walks of life”.

“We combat crime on the beachfront by enforcing municipal by-laws to maintain law and order. I keep calm during the busy season period by meditating to ease the pressure and revitalise myself for the work ahead.”

Mr Hlakula said his biggest challenge is the ignorance of the public who fail to adhere to by-laws as well as the use of drugs, alcohol and unruly behaviour especially on the catwalk and surrounds.

He believes working together motivates his team to perform at their highest standards. “I encourage my staff to be accountable to the public as they are the ambassadors of the City of Cape Town metropole.”

Mr Hlakula said he joined the force as he loves working and interacting with people.

“My values in life are to treat everyone the way you will like to be treated. My integrity, credibility and the “Ubuntu” concept is intact as I also believe in fairness.

“There is a saying that “Charity begins at home “.

Mr Hlakula will be teaching the children of Fish Hoek from Grade R upwards about Road Safety tomorrow,
Friday January 26, at the Fish Hoek Night Market in Recreation Road.