Questioning placement of laybys

Marian Williams, Noordhoek

What beautiful laybys have been built in Noordhoek Road.

From the machinery used and the number of people involved, it must have cost a fortune. Now I wonder who will use them.

The placement of the one outside the boundary of the nursery is questionable, right slap bang next to the horse-and-rider crossing.

Any vehicle entering the layby will block the view for motorists turning out of the road from the nursery.

What are the chances the same dedication will be shown to the precarious Hoemoed Road sandwiched between two reed beds? The state of the road is disgusting.

There is another similar problem on the corner of Village Lane: lovely benches and flowers for waiting taxi passengers could not be in a worse spot – any taxi stopping to collect a passenger blocks the view to see traffic coming down Slivermine Road. So cars have to edge out more than safety allows to see if it is clear to turn right.

There is also an overgrown shrub on the opposite corner that blocks views of traffic entering Silvermine Road from Chapman’s Peak. Why could the benches not be placed a little farther along the road? Not a difficult thing to do.