Shame on plant thieves

Terry Rothwell, Chairman Riverine Rovers

On Wednesday, October 30, at 10.56am, three women were caught on a neighbourhood-watch camera pulling a plant out of the Silvermine Wetlands and taking it to their car.

The car was a black Volvo hatchback with a learner sign in the left back window.

They also had a good look at the Milkwoods that had been planted in memory of people before exiting to Fish Hoek at the Pipe Bridge.

To those women, I assume you have children, because of the learner sign, is this how you set an example to your children? Committing theft
when we are all worried about the increase in crime?

I also assume that by driving a Volvo you could afford to buy
your own plants and
not steal from a nature area.

Unfortunately, we were not able to see your registration plate, so you got away with it. Shame on you!

The same day, our milkwoods were also spotted, on camera, being removed – a case has been made for the theft of milkwoods from a nature area. We will not hesitate to lay further charges if any crime is picked up on the cameras.