A pleato pick up your dogs’ poo

Jonathan Morgan, Clovelly

As do so many others, I walk my dogs regularly in the Clovelly wetland. It is a really splendid swathe of nature
except for the fact that so many dog walkers allow their dogs to poop right on or right near the path, spoiling the otherwise pristine environment for the rest of us.

Riverine Rovers even put out plastic bags and notices appealing to dog walkers to pick up their dogs’ poo, but there remain people who just ignore this and treat the wetland as a toilet for their dogs.

An alternative to bagging and binning one’s dog’s poo is to bring a little gardening trowel and just flip the poo into the bushes away from the path.
This no-plastic option might appeal to some. Or one can buy biodegradable doggie-poop bags.

For those of you who are still not picking up your dog’s poo, please can you be more considerate. It will be a real shame if one day there are enough complaints to the
City and they designate the wetland a no-dog zone.