Tackling insurance

Horst Lindstedt, Vredehoek,

I refer to your report on the driver with no insurance that tried to claim from Outsurance (“No gain for driver without insurance”, Off my Trolley, May 3).

You might remember my case.

In 2015 I tried to challenge the 80/20 rule being applied by Mutual & Federal.

After a 13-month-long fight the insurer eventually reimbursed me with the sum of
R10 000 after their initial offer of R1 500.

The most important lever that I applied was the threat of a Small Claims Court application. The compensation was paid out by Mutual & Federal before your story was published.

So, I suggest Mr Gain does the same. That way the claim is not directed towards the respective insurance company but the other driver.

Rob Merrett, Plumstead

Outsurance have just disputed our claim against their client, who was in the wrong, and we are now having to approach our insurance which will result in excesses, loss of credit and a possible insurance hike.

It is a sad world when truth, honesty and responsible practice is thrown away.

Waseem Ajouhaar, Athlone,

I read your article about Outsurance. I’m in the same situation.

An Outsurance client tried to make a U-turn right in front of me in October last year and crashed in to me. I was told that they wouldn’t cover my costs because I wasn’t alert on the road. The police also failed to arrive.

Jurgen Cobard, Durban

The last sentence of your article is really a poor choice of words, a bit like finishing poor Trevor off.

The advice to Mr Gain is to take the client (not Outsurance) to the Small Claims Court.

He might not get what he wants but the service is free.