Thanks for your kindness

Gerry Cox, Sun Valley

Thank you kind Samaritan. I’d like to thank a kind young gentleman standing behind me in the queue – I was being attended to at the teller, when I remarked to him, that the Willow mug he had on the counter, took me back years ago to a tea service my late mother had, and told him how popular that pattern was.

He offered me the mug, and I touched him on the arm, thanking him for his kindness but I would be back in the morning to get a few items to make for a family supper.

The young gentleman, as the teller opened my plastic bag, gently put it in my packet, telling the teller he was just fetching another and that he was paying for three. I thanked him sincerely, but forgot to ask his name. I hope he reads his Echo as his kindness to a 79-year-old granny touched me.

Thank you again.