We do not ask for donations

Johann Kikillus, Soteria Ministries

It was brought to my attention recently that the Ocean View Care Centre has a Facebook page asking for donations. I have looked into this and discovered a Facebook page named “Ocean View Community Care Centre”.

Ocean View Care Centre was started by myself, under the umbrella of Soteria Ministries in 2014. We have operated out of the containers behind the Ocean View Community hall off Hydra Road since early 2015.

I mention this to avoid any confusion. We do not ask for donations. I am also aware of certain individuals approaching Kommetjie residents telling them I have asked them to raise R500 for their child’s Grade R schooling. To be clear, our schooling has always been free, and we never ask for money.

I do not know anything about Ocean View Community Care Centre and neither Ocean View Care Centre, Soteria Ministries or myself are affiliated in any way. I trust this clears up any confusion.