Next time think before you vote

Peter Watermeyer, Simon’s Town

I do not think think I am a mother grundy. I have been living in Simon’s Town for nearly four years.

I thought councillors, past and present, had some influence in the metro, railways, navy, other government departments; and had the residents’ interests at heart.

At the next elections, as prompted by many friends, I will vote as I see fit for the councillor I deem most interested, and will not align myself to a political party. I hope I will influence some friends first. This place needs new blood.

I am not sure who was and is councillor for Ward 61.

Firstly, as one comes in, just past Dido Valley cemetery, one is confonted by the mess of the old Marine Oil site. Why did council not insist on a lick of whitewash on the exterior walls when it first became tired, irrespective of ownership quarrels.

The railway line must have been built around 1900 yet it has taken to 2016 to close down because of wind-driven sand. Only cleared now with the help of graders working time and a half and double time on Sundays. Little or nothing on normal working days. Buses which do not keep to the times commute poor workers to and fro from Fish Hoek

The nearby taxi rank use the main road as a dustbin, irrespective of close by bins.

Part of Admiralty House front wall has collapsed. Nothing done yet by the navy.

This road up to the library is a mess to the walker (try a walk, not drive) and one is forced to the mountainside of the main road. It has become disgusting. Never mind optic fibre installations.

The bergies and unauthorised car park attendants group up to 10 at a time.

Never mind side streets and personal area negligence.

As I said, next time think before you vote.