Ocean View’s got talent

Rapper Niz'Earl is one of Ocean View's talented residents.

Ocean View has oodles of talent and Ocean View Talent Show wants to see what’s out there during the school holidays – and promote a gun-free, crime-free and drug-free area.

Ocean View Care Centre and KHM Production will be running a talent show every Saturday of the holidays to give a platform to the community’s talent and to keep the young people and children busy.

The talent show is one of two programmes to be run in the school holidays and Noordhoek resident Rob Freeman of KHM Productions, an advertising company, came up with this idea after visiting Ocean View.

“I met Johann Kikillus at the Care Centre and he showed me around Ocean View,” said Mr Freeman. “He enlightened me as to what goes on there and it really broke my heart. I am so inspired by his ministry and work that he is doing there I started thinking and praying on what would help him to help the community and affect it positively and came up with the talent contest as one of the ideas.”

The talent show contest starts on Saturday June 25.

What he hoped to achieve by the contest could be answered in two words: “Happy kids.”

Elaborating, he said, “Kids who are kept away from drugs and believe that they are worth something, that they have a future ahead of them.

“With so much talent in Ocean View, we are going to harness that to provide them with a platform to build a stronger, healthier community of children who believe in themselves.”

The broader community is also being asked to take part to help foster that talent.

“With the south peninsula’s support, we aim to raise funds for the prize winners to sponsor their talent, so if the winner requires equipment like a guitar to help them better their talent, we will buy them one. We will also keep up to date with them throughout the year as we help them better their lives using their talents,” said Mr Freeman.

Donations can be as little as R10 or as much as R100 – or whatever you can afford.

The funds would be administered by the NPO Soteria Ministries.

The second programme to be run in the school holidays will be a guidance and life-coaching programme for teenagers, run by the Ocean View Care Centre, which will include – funds permitting – a visit to the ship Logos Hope, the world’s biggest floating book fair. The ship, part of a charitable foundation and crewed by 400 volunteers from 60 nations, will be docked at the V&A Waterfront.

“It is a sad fact that many of the youth in Ocean View have no real direction in life nor good role models who can point them in the right direction,” said Ocean View Care Centre’s Johann Kikillus. “They therefore are not always equipped to make the right decisions when choosing subjects or careers. Many need to be taught about presentation and self-confidence.

“The programme also aims to expose the youth to different types of careers and options of further education.”

The afternoon programme, which will run daily for three weeks from 1.30pm to 5.30pm from Monday June 27 at the Ocean View library, includes topics such goal setting, peer pressure, public speaking and writing CVs.

The organisers are looking for donations of food for lunch and tea break; stationery such as pens and paper; computer access; wages for a cook and cleaner; and money for a bus to pay for transport to the V&A Waterfront.

To take part in the audition, talented youngsters need to email their full name, their school, and age to khmproductionhouse@gmail.com or just go to the Care Centre, across the road from Ocean View Senior Secondary School.

To donate funds for the prizes or to find out more about the contest, contact Mr Freeman on 079 500 3940 or email khmproductionhouse@gmail.com; alternatively contact Mr Kikillus on 084 280 2213 or johann@soteriaministries.org.za. Mr Kikillus can also be contacted for donations for the library holiday programme.