Dog signage should be bigger

Pen Brower, Glencairn

No-dogs-allowed signs are posted near the Glencairn railway station and on a small sand dune slightly off the pedestrian walkway.

The placement allows all the people we have stopped and warned about no dogs allowed an excuse to say they could not see any signs.

In my view, the signs should be placed in a more prominent position closer to the new concrete path.

The no-dogs logo should also be made larger and be more prominent. It is no fun when doing swimming laps close to the wall and a dog bites your arm/hand when swimming strokes along the walls.

My wife has also had a very close encounter with a very large dog that just missed crashing into her legs while chasing another dog along the waterline.

This tidal pool is a hive of bird activity throughout the day without dogs. We have seen cormorants, seagulls, oyster catchers and black herons. And seals scurry onto some of the rocks to rest.

Dogs running on the wall, chasing balls in the water and defecating in the water chase all the bird life away from their natural habitat to the detriment of the public visiting the tidal pool.

• Ward councillor Simon Liell-Cock responds: I concur with the writer that the behaviour of dog owners on the beaches and public open spaces leaves much to be desired and that it is therefore necessary to declare and enforce “no dog” zones.

• Deputy mayor and mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment Eddie Andrews responds: The public is reminded that bicycles, scooters and skateboards are not permitted on the walkways. Also, dogs are neither permitted on the walkways nor at the tidal pools.

Provision for dogs on the coastline in the south peninsula includes Muizenberg Beach on a leash at all times with no dogs permitted from 9am to 6pm between November to March; free running between the lighthouse at Fish Hoek and Clovelly; free running along the entire Glencairn Beach; free running at Simon’s Town Longbeach; and on a leash from Burghers Walk through to Windmill Beach and Franks Bay. No dogs are permitted on Seaforth Beach.

City Law Enforcement will be undertaking spot checks during the season and anyone found in breach of these regulations will be liable for a fine. When you arrive at the beach or picnic spot, check the signage to see what is permitted, to avoid running into trouble. Members of the public can report any incidents to 021 480 7700.

The City’s Coastal By-Law is available on the City website.