Grateful for Fish Hoek library

Diana Studer, Fish Hoek

After Porterville, with a tiny selection of English books that I read three times, Fish Hoek library offers me years of reading to enjoy. Simon’s Town library is cutting back its hours, Plumstead is threatened with closure (“Library has deteriorated in recent months,” Echo August 18).

Let’s appreciate what we have got. I love that the free wi-fi is used by a wide variety of people of all ages.

I missed out on children’s books, which is why Malory Towers is here – on the librarian’s advice.

Choose from the new books displayed on the shelves (I always start there). I prefer to choose mine by flipping open – can I , will I read that? It is the reader’s choice to go to well-worn, much-used familiar authors, or branch out to fresh pastures.