No bins, bad idea

Blue letter

Bart McLea, Simon’s Town

I read with dismay in your April1st edition, that the City council is to remove the rubbish bins from Miller’s Point as part of their commitment to protect our unique coastal environment. I assume this is not an April Fool’s story. If it is, ha ha. If it isn’t, it is a foolish move.

Unfortunately, some of the people that visit this coastline are totally unconcerned about discarding their waste where they stand.

To expect them to take their rubbish home with them is wishful thinking.

This is evidenced all along the coastal road from Simon’s Town to Miller’s Point. Bottles, coffee cups, takeaway meal containers, are discarded with disdain at all the stopping areas along the road. I have in the past requested the council to place bins in those areas as well. To no avail.

So to now believe that by removing the bins, the rubbish will no longer be discarded in the area is a fallacy.

Please Mr Councilor, tell us this is a joke. If not, please reconsider.

The local walkers in the area regularly collect the rubbish to maintain the pristine coastline. But some help is needed from the council. Thank you.

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