Where are the billions going?

Pamela van der Merwe, Fish Hoek

Over the weeks, we have heard countless announcements about the billions of rand mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis has said will be spent on Cape Town in the next three years.

Will this money only be spent in the affluent areas and news-making areas? Camps Bay, Lavendar Hill?

What, may I ask, about little old Fish Hoek? We are the route for marathons and races and yet there is no budget for us for a desperately needed pavements upgrade from the Kommetjie Road circle to the Clovelly entrance.

We have the continuous stench of urine on the main road. We have dilapidated buildings, missing landlords and no action from building inspectors.

I would like to see a genuine effort by our councillors to do the necessary for the upliftment of Fish Hoek, instead of “get a reference number”.

• Despite the mayor’s office acknowledging receipt of the letter and despite the Echo sending several reminders afterwards, his office did not respond by the time of going to print.

• Ward councillor Aimee Kuhl responds: Fish Hoek main road received a resurface last year and as a part of this, sidewalks were also upgraded.

Expanded public works programme cleansing teams clean the main road early every morning. This work is overseen by the business improvement district.

I appreciate the frustration of residents with the dilapidated buildings and absent landlords. Compliance notices and fines have been issued.

This is all that building inspectors can do as a first resort. To resolve issues like these takes years in court as the City cannot simply take over private property.

As councillors, we continue to do our best to assist, but we do need citizens to be law abiding and take pride in their surroundings. We are in this together.