Fish Hoek Main Road is an embarrassment

The writer says this is just one of many signs of decay and neglect greeting visitors to Fish Hoek Main Road

Pamela van der Merwe, Fish Hoek

It’s Monday morning, October 17 and I am off to work, walking down Fish Hoek Main Road. As I approach the post office, the stench is unbearable. As I reach the gated area next to the post office, the urine puddles are so overwhelming it brings tears to my eyes.

As I pass Papa Jo’s, the stink is revolting. Lunchtime comes, and as I walk towards Pick n Pay, I find exactly the same dilemma.

Where, may I ask, are the water trucks to at least attempt to make the streets walkable for us?

You may well ask, why don’t I just cross the road. My reply: why should I? It is my right to walk on a clean road. It is our right to have a clean main road.

The pavements are already in poor condition, with rust and broken pieces all over the place – this despite promises that pavements would be seen to once the road resurfacing was completed.

Another empty promise. Now we are forced to endure this disgusting condition.

The attached photo is one example of the sights we are forced to see all along the main road, again, despite numerous requests for action.

The festive season is here again, and we have the embarrassment of people saying, “Pass through Fish Hoek Main Road with your eyes closed,” because somehow the main road is not important, bearing in mind it is the business hub of the area.

And the response is “send an email”.

Would you like us to “send an email” when rates and taxes are due? When it’s election time?

• Mayoral committee member for urban waste management, Grant Twigg responds: The City thanks residents for helping us ensure that Cape Town is kept clean.

Unfortunately, there was a disruption in the street-washing programme due to a vehicle breakdown between Monday September 12 and Wednesday October 12. This is unacceptable and measures will be put in place to create contingencies in the event of future vehicle breakdowns.

We have done everything to ensure that the issue is resolved, and we can report that the service has since resumed and streets in the Fish Hoek CBD are being sprayed daily.